In life, we will always have something to gripe about. As humans, we tend to incline more towards the negative, instead of focusing on the positive. For instance, someone compliments you, and then another person insults you. You will probably mull over the insult and not think about the compliment.

If you did ten things right during your day and then did one thing wrong, you will probably be upset about that one thing that went wrong, instead of being glad over the other things that you did right. Developing an attitude of gratitude helps to stay focussed on the positive side of life. It is seeing the cup half full, instead of half empty.

Thanking God in all circumstances is surely a blessed way to live our lives, as we see God working in our lives in everything. We have this blessed assurance that although at times we do not understand, but God surely has a plan for our wellbeing. Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thessalonians 5:18 ESV).

God is Sovereign and worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. When we give thanks, we acknowledge the goodness of God and bless Him for His grace upon us. Thanking God in all circumstances blesses us with hope that God will bring us through those circumstances and it helps us move our focus from ourselves and our circumstances unto God, in whose presence we are always comforted.

One easy way of developing an attitude of gratitude is to count our blessings daily, and very soon you will realise that the blessings are countless indeed. During our daily family prayer time, we thank God for His salvation and for all His abundant blessings.

Did you thank God today? If you are unable to think of anything to thank God for, you surely will have lots to complain about, so you can start using your complaints to thank God instead. If you are complaining about the weather, thank God that the weather is not constant always, it changes. If you are complaining about the weeds growing in your lawn, then thank God you have a lawn. If you are complaining about the traffic, then thank God for the music. If you are complaining about your hay fever, then thank God for the beautiful spring flowers. It is having a Pollyanna attitude, but it is surely better than living grumpy all your life.

Thanking God in advance is the expression of our faith in God, and faith always pleases God. Thanking God helps us to be optimistic, which in turn reduces stress, which impacts our wellbeing and helps us be joyful in all circumstances, it helps us live better instead of being bitter, it helps us get closer to God, helps us to persevere in doing good and fulfil God’s purpose, as it is God’s will for us to be thankful always.