I would like to discuss with you three scenarios relating to abortion. The first is about a 17 year old boy and a girl who start dating each other. They are both ambitious and are looking forward to graduate and start their careers. They take their relationship to an extent they shouldn’t have. It’s not long before they find out they are going to have a baby. They are not yet ready to be parents, they have other plans for their lives.

The second scenario is about a beautiful young virgin, engaged to be married in 4 months to a great guy. She is a fresh graduate who has taken up a job with a reputable company in another city away from her small hometown. It’s New Year’s Eve. A newly acquainted friend invites her to a party. She refuses at first, but then she accepts the invitation not wanting to spend New Year’s Eve by herself.

AbortionShe meets some friendly people and is offered a drink, which is spiked. The next day she realizes she has been raped. She does not recall anything and is devastated. A few weeks later she finds out that she is pregnant. Her parents tell her that she must not carry this burden and shame and it’s for her best interest to abort the baby.

The third scenario is about a married lady with four kids all under the age of five. Her husband is an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler. She struggles everyday just to get by. Her heart faints when she realises she is pregnant with the fifth baby. She is worried her kids may starve to death. In her despair she thinks, it may be better if she aborts the baby.

There are some amongst you that are against abortion and there are many amongst you that think given these above circumstances, it is alright for these people to abort their babies. While there are others that think it is a right of every man and woman to abort a baby, irrespective of their circumstances.

Please allow me and bear with me, while I share with you the other side of the story. We live in a world where seeing is believing. We can understand and relate to the pain of others, and have empathy and sympathy for each other. However, we fail to recognize the pain, if we fail to see it, hear it or even relate to it.

A baby in the womb feels real pain, babies even cry in the womb from pain. Many women undergo emergency caesarean sections because their babies are in distress during labour and may even die if they are not immediately born. If you hear a woman cry during labour you know she is in intense pain. A baby goes through intense pain as well, but is unable to express it in a way we would understand.

None of us have the experience of our skulls being crushed and put to death violently, or a vacuum suctioning life out of us, or being cut into pieces and then scrapped out and dumped in the bin. Some babies are given saline injections, those that are given to criminals on death sentences. It’s more horrifying than that. The amniotic fluid is removed and replaced with a saline solution, which burns the babies’ delicate skin and the babies suffocate to death when their lungs get filled with saline.

If babies are born live during an abortion, there is no medical assistance given to them and they are left to die. Sometimes a wet towel is place on the baby’s face or drowned in water to kill them. There are other procedures that uses pills and drugs or a combination of the above methods to abort a baby depending on the gestation period.

Many people are not traumatized by these methods of abortion because they consider the unborn child as an unwanted malignant mass of tissue that needs to be eradicated. Many people have the wrong assumption that only after birth a child is a human and before birth, it is only a mass of tissue. Life begins at conception, after that it only develops and grows.

A baby is fully human from conception, it’s not a tadpole that later develops into a frog or any other species. A human fetus develops and grows into a human being. The gestation period of an elephant is 22 months. A calf is fully developed at birth and is able to walk within a few hours after its birth. A human baby however, has a gestation of only nine months (40 weeks approximately) and at birth is underdeveloped and is unable to walk for several months.

Most babies take their first step after their first birthday. Does that mean that a newborn baby is less human than other humans that are fully developed? Some babies are born as early as 21 weeks of their gestation and survive. Does that mean that babies that are developing inside the mother’s womb are not humans?

Many people think abortion is the correct path in cases of crisis pregnancies, such as; out of wedlock, rape, poverty, etc. Irrespective of the circumstances that people go through in life, murder is not an option. Abortion is murder, just because someone cannot defend itself does not mean they have no right to live.

For all teenage pregnancies and pregnancies out of wedlock, it’s a very sad scenario and most of these women have been abandoned by their boy-friend. One can avoid these problems by increasing the awareness of the consequences of the choices women make. A women has a right to choose to remain a virgin until she marries, a choice to not get pregnant if she does not wish to have a child.

However, to abort a baby due to unwanted or out of wedlock pregnancy is not an option. Women have a right to live and so does the baby. Giving one person the right to their freedom and taking the life out of another human, however little that person may be, is a crime. Parents sometimes don’t want to go through the inconvenience of pregnancies and raising a child, and for their own convenience decide to end the life of the baby.

In case of a rape, it’s a devastating incident for the victim. Such a crime is horrendous and should be stopped. However, murder is much more atrocious than rape. A murderer gets a longer sentence than a rapist. A rape victim has a chance to get healed, recover and continue living. However, an aborted baby never gets a chance to live. The least a woman can do for an unwanted baby is to give birth and then give the baby up for adoption.

Poverty is a worldwide issue. There are children that die every day due to starvation, malnutrition, clean drinking water and lack of medication. However heartbreaking this may be, a mother does not have a right to kill her babies because she may not be able to provide for them. If a child dies out of starvation, it’s not the mother’s fault, but if she kills them herself, it is.

Some people support abortion for babies that have birth defects, such as Down syndrome and Spina bifida. If a person is handicapped or even retarded does that mean, they deserve to die? Do only people with normal intelligence and physiology have a right to live and defected babies be aborted? Some think they are doing a favour on the defected baby by aborting them or is it that parents don’t want to take the burden of raising a child with defects.

If a baby is defected or abnormal to a point it cannot survive, nature takes it course by terminating the pregnancy through miscarriage. It is not up to any person to terminate or abort a child if it has the potential to survive. Some determine a black baby deserves to be aborted, others think a baby girl deserves to be aborted. Is a person’s value and right to live determined by their colour or gender?

There are women that want to abort a baby because of aesthetic reasons. They don’t want to be out of shape and go through all the bodily changes that results through a pregnancy. Therefore, they choose to abort the baby. Would any of you murder your own child so that you could maintain your shape and looks? Sadly, many women do so. The fact is that aborted pregnancies are a higher risk to the mother’s health than normal pregnancies. Women that have abortion have a higher risk of breast cancer than those that breastfeed their babies.

Some justify abortion for mother’s whose life is at risk. During Stone Age many women would die during childbirth, but these days it is very negligible due to trained doctors and medical interventions. Although pregnancy is risky, nowadays hardly anybody dies during childbirth. People mostly die of other health related problems.

There is another hidden assassin that causes spontaneous abortion called the birth control pill. The primary role of birth control is to prevent ovulation and thicken the cervical mucus, so that even if ovulation does occur, conception is difficult to take place. When the birth control pill fails in preventing ovulation and conception does take place, the third arsenal of the birth control pill is to cause changes in the endometrium, which does not allow the fertilized egg to be implanted in the uterus, resulting in spontaneous or chemical abortion.

Therefore, there is a possibility that some women on birth control pill are flushing their babies down the toilet without even being aware they have conceived a baby. Some say the holocaust and the genocides were brutal. Aborting babies is the worst killing in all of history, where a womb becomes a tomb. The people that should be life giving and nurturing the baby, are the ones doing the killing.

A womb is not safe for the unborn anymore. Doctors and nurses that are supposed to save lives are forced against their will to become legalised hit men. Ministers in parliament are made to do a conscience vote for abortion, if they voted against it they would lose their seats.

People who vote for such politicians with the intention to pass the bill for abortion are equal partakers of this genocide. A pregnancy is a difficult and painful time for a woman. Raising a baby is the hardest thing most people have ever done. Yet, children are a blessing to their parents. For those that abort a baby bring a curse upon themselves.

People that do abortion have a direct or an ancestral influence on occultism. Most people that have tried abortion before mostly repeat the process. Abortion is a blood sacrifice that is offered to the demon gods. Every person that is a participant in the act of abortion is under the direct influence of demons. Some of the characteristics of satan is to kill, steal and destroy. These are the same characteristics displayed in a person committing abortion, they kill the baby, steal the life and everything the baby would have, and destroy the potential of procreating life beyond itself.

There is a spiritual war going on and the ones that are falling dead are the innocent babies. If this continues, the coming generation will soon be wiped out. Some people think that they are better off having an abortion and feel convinced that all of lives problems will be solved with an abortion.

That’s a lie from hell. Abortion does not solve your problem, it opens the door for demons to make your life a living hell. Women that have aborted are miserable, they become promiscuous, are on drugs and alcohol, which leads them to commit more abortions. They are used by satan for his plan, until he has destroyed them completely.

If you have committed abortion, you don’t have to end up this way. Repent of your sins and receive God’s mercy. Turn away from this wickedness and live a life of holiness. God loves you dearly, He forgives you graciously. The reason He does not want you to sin is because sin has unforeseeable consequences.

God forgives you of all your sins, but He does not want you to continue in that path, because if you do so, worst things will happen. Please remember, when you repent, you have to turn away from it completely and be willing to live a life pleasing to God.

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