We all have a tendency to worry sometimes. We know it is not a feeling that we like or enjoy. Not only is it depressing but it also makes us sick. It increases the cortisol level in our body, which over long periods of time can cause many sicknesses. Stress and anxiety can cause diseases like ulcers, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, to name just a few; diseases that can even lead to death.

People worry about all sorts of things, such as their finances, relationships, health and much more. We don’t live in a vacuüm and we will encounter some problems from time to time. If by worrying we could solve problems then it would be a good thing. But we know worries doesn’t solve any problems. In fact it just adds to the problems by making us sick, as mentioned earlier, and also by reducing our efficiency to make the right decisions.

Worrying has an overall negative impact in everything we do. It’s like a hurdle which slows us down; it paralyses us, and chronic worrying can be debilitating and life threatening. People worry because they feel fearful about a situation; they feel out of control; they feel incapable of handling it or they are in a situation that’s intimidating to them.

People try many strategies of combating worries. Some people keep themselves busy in some activities that they like, to get their minds off worries. Some try to be optimistic about their situation. Some seek professional help. The antidote for worrying that personally works best for me all the time, is simply ‘Trusting in the Lord’.

worriesThink of the time when you were in your mother’s womb. At that vital time of your formation, you had no awareness of who you were. You did not worry about how you were being formed, you were not anxious about your organs being developed to its full potential or whether your heart was beating properly. You did not worry about your future at that time, as to who will nurse you, who will play with you or take care of you. God created you and provided for your every need.

As you grew older, you started taking care of yourself, making decisions, planning things and solving your own problems. But there is only so much that you can handle, so much you can bear. A little more of it and there are times, when you feel out of control; you feel inadequate; you seem to have no solutions for your problem and the uncertainty and the issues of life make you feel overwhelmed and you tend to worry. God did not intend us to handle things solo.

When we were created we did not plan it, God did. We came into existence not because we wanted it but because God wanted us. Later on when we grew up we started managing things on our own. Which is the prime reason for our downfall. The truth is we cannot and will not be able to manage anything without God’s help. So the best thing to do, instead of carrying our own burden, is we hand it over to the Lord and ask His help instead.

God wants to be in partnership with us in everything we do. No matter how intelligent we are, no matter how efficient we are. God is the best. His ways are higher than our ways. His plans are higher than our plans. He loves us more than any one and more than we love ourselves. He has our best interest in mind. We can trust God or we can worry ourselves sick. Trusting God has lots of bonuses. God is omniscient, which means ‘all knowing’. His decisions are the best for us. God can make impossible things possible.

When God intervenes into our lives, great things happen. But if we worry, we are all on our own. Worry stops God’s work. Worry is rooted in fear and pride; fear that things may go wrong and not as what you want them to be; pride in trying to handle things on your own ability and not being humble to trust God and ask God for His help.

When we seek God and pray and ask for His help, he will take care of us and everything that concerns us. When we trust God our problems become God’s concern. We have no need to worry about anything anymore. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by anything, I start meditating on God words and simply repeat these words, ‘Jesus I trust in you’; and the peace of God soon overtakes and somehow my problems doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Proverb 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.

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